California and Mexico Partner to Fight Human Trafficking

California Attorney General Kamala Harris and Mexico Attorney General Marisela Morales Ibáñez signed an accord to expand prosecutions and secure convictions of criminals who engage in the trafficking of human beings.

“California and Mexico are together taking steps to disrupt and dismantle the criminal networks that traffic human beings into our state as if they were just another commodity,” said Attorney General Harris. “Targeting transnational gangs is a vital component of our efforts to protect public safety in California. … Our goal is to disrupt trafficking networks, increase convictions and force these international traffickers away from our borders.”

Attorney General Harris has made the fight against human trafficking a career priority. In June, Attorney General Harris partnered with Yahoo! and the Polaris Project to direct users to the national human trafficking hotline whenever certain terms related to human trafficking are searched through Yahoo! Two bills sponsored by Attorney General Harris have been sent to Governor Edmund G. Brown for his signature. Assembly Bill 2466 ensures that criminal defendants involved in human trafficking will not dispose of assets that would otherwise be provided as restitution to victims, and Senate Bill 1133 expands the list of assets that a human trafficker must forfeit and provides a formula for using those resources to help victims of human trafficking.

Learn more at the Lake County News article: Attorneys general of California, Mexico partner to address human trafficking.


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