Houston Group Gives First Hand Look at Human Trafficking

Unfortunately, Houston is a hub for human trafficking.   The Department of Justice estimates one in every four trafficking victims in the nation will travel through Houston at some point.

Children at Risk (CAR) hosts a bus tour, giving Houstonians a first-hand look at specific areas of the city known for human trafficking.

“Right in our neighborhood, there are places and businesses engaged in human trafficking,” CAR’s Bob Sanborn said.  “It’s happening right here and right near us and people need to be outraged and they need to be going to city council and county commissioners and saying we don’t want these types of places in our neighborhood.”

“In these places is the beginning of the exploitation that happens for a lot of women that leads to forced prostitution, trafficking; it’s kind of like the grooming process,” victim Cheryl Briggs said. Briggs speaks from experience.  She was trafficked for two years as a young teen.  She’s now dedicated to prevention education and victim services.

“I never forget it.  It has changed me and it has taken 35 years of working on it, in different stages, it’s been a process and what I’m hoping is that other women don’t have to go through that long of a process,” she said.

If you or someone you know is a victim, call the  national hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

Learn more at Kristin Kane’s My Fox Houston article: A tour through human trafficking hell.


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