President Obama Releases Executive Order About Human Trafficking

On the same day that President Obama addressed human trafficking at the Clinton Global Initiative, he released a new executive order designed to combat human trafficking, or as he calls it, “modern day slavery.”

The order restricts contractors or their employees from fraudulent recruitment practices such as misrepresenting wages or benefits, charging recruiting fees and confiscating or destroying an employee’s identifying documents. It also requires federal contractors to create compliance plans to create awareness, provide a way for employees to report infractions without retaliation, arrange housing and recruitment plans for employees. It also opposes forced labor and sex trafficking. Employers will be required to provide safe housing and return travel home at the end of the recruit’s employment unless contracted otherwise.

He also encouraged Americans to participate and rally against human traffic.  The President said, “Every citizen can take action: by learning more, by going to the website that we helped create,, by speaking up and insisting that the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the products we buy are made free of forced labor, by standing up against the degradation and abuse of women. That’s how real change happens.”

Learn more at Michelle Carfaro Stiner’s article: President Obama talks human trafficking at CGI.


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