Ketteler Award Winner Natalie Grant Challenges Us to Say Yes

On October 23, the Sisters of Divine Providence honored Natalie Grant with their 2012 Bishop Ketteler Award for Social Justice, for her passionate commitment to fighting the atrocities of human trafficking and the child sex trade, her dedication to living out her faith, and her commitment to “making God’s Providence more visible in our world.”

Natalie described herself as ‘humbled and honored’ to accept the award on behalf of all who work to end the evil of human trafficking. She told the audience about her own learning about human trafficking, from watching an episode of TV’s Law and Order and visiting a brothel and a victims’ restoration center in India to founding Abolition International (formerly the HOME Foundation) –  an international leader in the fight to eradicate sex trafficking through aftercare accreditation,  advocacy and education initiatives, and dedication to opening restoration homes for those already victimized by sex trafficking.

Natalie went on to tell us that the victims of this horrific modern day slavery are crying out. It is time for the Church to open its ears and respond to those cries.  It is time for each one of us to listen to the voice of God – that voice that speaks into the depths of our hearts – and say YES to His call to respond to the needs of slavery’s victims.  It is time for us to follow God’s guidance and Do Something.

Are you willing to see the individual people in desperate need that God sees within the statistic of 27 million in slavery?

Are you willing to listen to God’s call and say Yes?

Are you willing to Do Something to bring hope and restoration to the victims?

If you would like to join with the Sisters of Divine Providence in ending the atrocities of human trafficking, please contact Patricia Serafini at

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