Corporations Urged to Adopt Zero-Tolerance Anti-Slavery Policies

A corporate Anti-Modern-Day Slavery Policy can only be effective if it is implemented within a comprehensive program complemented by training, accountability, and compliance. Corporations should consider developing their own customized Anti-Modern-Day Slavery Corporate Program.

Anka Rising has created nine steps to follow in creating such a program, as well as points how to write that policy. Anti-Modern-Day Slavery Corporate Programs are important and needed because:

  1. Adopting an anti-modern-day slavery corporate policy will realize economic and social benefits to your company.
  2. The United States Government has a “zero tolerance” policy regarding trafficking in persons.  There is currently bipartisan support for additional federal and state anti-trafficking legislation in the United States that will impact global and domestic businesses.  In addition, forced labor and human trafficking is already illegal globally so businesses should take steps to ensure that their businesses are not contributing in any way to illegal and corrupt activity.
  3. By adopting an anti-modern-day slavery corporate policy and committing to a training and compliance program your company will be taking steps to educate and train your employees about modern day slavery issues.  Thus, your company will be in a better position to reduce the risk of litigation, criminal and/or civil investigations and penalties, as well as protecting your company’s image.
  4. Promoting the anti-modern-day slavery policy will improve relations with your company’s stakeholders, shareholders, clients, and customers and will enhance your company’s brand name and reputation.
  5. Promoting the anti-modern-day slavery policy within your organization will increase employee loyalty as they will appreciate the efforts that its employer is engaging in to help eradicate forced labor and human trafficking.
  6. Taking steps to eradicate forced labor and human trafficking is not only the ethical and moral responsibility of all businesses, but it is also the prudent business decision because in the end it positively impacts the bottom line.

Anka Rising mission is to provide an effective and collaborative platform for private enterprises, governments, and non-governmental organizations to combat and eradicate modern-day slavery. The cornerstone of Anka’s mission is the design and implementation of a strong and permanent zero tolerance corporate anti-slavery policy at each organization that participates in the global economy.  This step is complemented by the development of compliance guidelines to ensure accountability and adherence to the corporate policy.

Learn more at the Anka Rising article: Create an Anti-Modern-Day Slavery Program.


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