Prostitution is Modern Day Slavery

Julia Davidson explains in her book Prostitution, Power, and Freedom, that prostitution is an institution that “founders upon the existence of economic and political conditions that compel people to act in ways they otherwise would not choose to act”.

This institution thrives on conditions that force and coerce people into prostitution. Childhood and past physical and emotional abuse, age of entry, and poverty are all factors that coerce and force women into prostitution. Many females in prostitution not only experienced abuse as children, but also began prostituting at a very young age. The average age girls “choose” to enter into prostitution is between 12 and 14 in the United States, an age at which a girl is not fully empowered to make a choice about the rest of her life. Most prostituted persons struggle with extreme poverty and often entered prostitution as a means of paying the bills, helping support the family, and getting out of poverty. A majority of women “choose” prostitution because they have no sustainable job alternatives available to them.

It is impossible to argue that most cases of prostitution are anything less than modern day slavery. If we’re going to truly combat human trafficking, we have to address the issue of prostitution in America.

Learn more at M. Heffern’s Renewal Forum article: Prostitution is Modern Day Slavery.


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