Redefining Human Trafficking

It’s time to redefine what human trafficking really is: slavery. So says U.S. Ambassador-at-Large Luis CdeBaca, a senior adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the director of the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.

CdeBaca says, “Back in the old says, they’d call people servants, or they’d call slavery a “particular institution.” They’d always come up with euphemisms, and it’s the same thing now. We have euphemisms for human trafficking as a way to avoid the much more emotional term of “slavery.” But as President Obama said, this is modern-day slavery, and we have to go out and fight it. That’s what we do as a country. .. There are so many things survivors need as they walk in their journey toward life and rehabilitation, and those girls and boys, they are our children. They all need our help, and all of us can help.”

Learn more about why the Ambassador thinks people are uneasy about admitting human trafficking is a problem, how involved Mexican cartels are in the crime, what Texas has done to help address the problem, and how the government can team up with the private and nonprofit sectors to draw attention to the crime at Julian Aguilar’s Texas Tribune article: Luis CdeBaca: The TT Interview.


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