PA Human Trafficking Bill Becomes Law

Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Corbett has signed into law two companion bills on human trafficking. H.B. 235 calls for the posting of a human trafficking hotline number in certain establishments across the state and H.B. 1616 allows Pennsylvania businesses to practice corporate activism.

The Department of Health and Human Services funds the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline — a resource for the community to report suspicious activity that may be trafficking-related. The hotline – 888-3737-888 – is free to call, and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This resource saves lives and comes at no cost to the Commonwealth or its citizens. The Human Trafficking Hotline law a will go into effect within 60 days.

Hugh Organ, Executive Director of Covenant House PA, said, “This is life saving legislation for human trafficking victims. We are thrilled that the House and Senate passed this bill. We would like to thank Senator Leach and Rep. Clymer for their leadership.”

Jamie Walton, founder of The Wayne Foundation, added, “The Wayne Foundation thanks the Pennsylvania legislature for its action. Posting the NHTRC hotline will help build public awareness of human trafficking issues within the United States and potentially save countless lives. This is a huge victory.”

Learn more at the Philadelphia News article: Human Trafficking Bill Becomes Law and Senator Daylin Leach’s article: Human Trafficking Hotline Bill to Become Pennsylvania Law


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