One Person Can Make a Difference

Lindsey Fischer believes in making a difference. Motivated to take action Lindsey Fischer was 21 years old when a statement on Facebook caught her eye and piqued her curiosity. “There are more slaves today than at any other point in history.” Staring at the screen she thought, “There is no way that’s true!” Her own research on the issue of human trafficking confirmed the truth. When she discovered that the average age of entry into a life of prostitution is 12 years old, she was compelled to act.

For the past four years, Lindsey has been involved in several anti-trafficking efforts, not only halfway around the world in Thailand, but also 20 minutes away from her own front door in Roseville, Michigan. She conducts street outreach twice a week to crack houses, prostituted women and pimps, offering prayer, a lunch bag, and friendship to anyone she meets. In February she started her own organization, All Worthy of Love, a nonprofit that seeks to raise up abolitionists and connect them with other anti-trafficking organizations. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Lindsey’s heart is to connect individuals to other great organizations. She also speaks at events around Detroit to provide awareness to the general public about the issue of human trafficking.

Her advice for those who, like her, have heard about the issue but may feel unable to do anything about it is this,“If it’s caught your attention, go after it, full speed. One person can absolutely … make a bigger difference.”

Learn more at the PRWeb article: Michigan Volunteer Believes One Person Can Make A Difference – Launches Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk in Detroit Michigan, Raises Awareness – Raises Thousands.


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