Atlanta is Human Trafficking Hub

Much to its chagrin, Atlanta has achieved a new dastardly distinction of being the nation’s major hub for human trafficking and child sex exploitation.

“I am so embarrassed that we go from number one as the most sex trafficking city in the United States,” laments childhood sexual abuse advocate Ann Platz, a board member of Wellspring Living. “That needs to grieve the citizens of Atlanta. While we are doing a lot of wonderful things, our children are being taken and other people’s children are being trafficked through our beautiful city. We need to be known as the city that stopped sex trafficking and that we ran it out of here.”

The Buckhead Cascade City Chapter of The Links, Inc., a prestigious organization of polished, professional and high profiled Atlanta’s black female gentry has pledged their collective talents and resources to raise public awareness and outrage about this hideous and scandalous epidemic.

“The Links have decided that we need to add our voice to the voices of business and federal officials and human rights activists that human trafficking cannot be ignored any longer; that literally thousands and thousands of children are trafficked in the United States,” said Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin. “And, sometimes it happens right in front of our eyes and we don’t know it. Atlanta has been a center, to my knowledge, for the last ten years. [Federal officials] made it clear that Atlanta was one of the worst transportation hubs for human trafficking in the world. It ruins the lives of thousands of girls and young women.”

Learn more at Maynard Eaton’s Atlanta Daily Word article: Atlanta is No. 1 Hub for Human Trafficking, Buckhead Cascade Links Launch Campaign to Fight It.


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