Petition to the President: A Child’s Freedom Is Meant to Be Priceless

What do you think the numbers mean 100,000; 200,000; 60%, 12-13; 7,200; 50 mean?

100,000 is the minimum number of American children trafficked into prostitution each year. 200,000 is the amount of money a pimp can generate from one victim annually. It can easily be more. 60% is the number of child exploitation cases that escaped prosecution over a 7-year period. Gang members testify that human trafficking is as lucrative as drug trafficking without the risk. 12-13 is the average age a child enters into prostitution. 7,200 is the number of men in Georgia who exploit adolescent girls each month, according to a recent study. About half of these men willingly purchase sex from girls they know are minors. 50 is the number of US states where cases of human trafficking have been reported.

Federal law prohibits the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident under the age of 18 for the purpose of a commercial sex act. Unfortunately, state laws frequently do not follow this standard and these young girls are treated as criminals rather than as the victims they really are. Only 4 states have a full package of non-punitive child protective responses. Only 10 states have safe harbor laws, which offer legal protection for minor victims, ensure appropriate penalties to curb demand, and offer aftercare services.

Resolution Hope is launching the 13A National Awareness Campaign to End Domestic Child Sex Trafficking. Public awareness drives public opinion, which calls for laws. Laws permit enforcement, which ultimately lead to change.

The 13A Campaign is a media-based initiative founded on the 13th amendment to the US Constitution which abolished slavery. This campaign intends to raise awareness regarding child trafficking in the US, calls Americans to raise their voices to instate new federal and local laws, and raise funds to support law enforcement.

Join the 13A Campaign and fight against Domestic Child Sex Trafficking with 3 easy steps:

  • Sign an electronic petition to the President. The goal is to secure 1 million electronic signatures asking the President to call our Federal government to the task of ending this US epidemic.
  • Tell 30 friends
  • Give a $5 donation to fund the 13A Campaign

A Child’s Freedom was meant to be priceless. You can make a difference in making that a reality for every child.


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