Sex Trafficking Survivor Has Hope

Mandolyn Orrell was trapped in the sex trafficking industry from age two to age 15. Held in captivity for 13 years by her father, she was sold several times per night in order to support his gambling habit. Orrell’s father moved her around the United States as well as through foreign countries to evade detection.

Orrell’s captivity in the sex trafficking trade ended at age 15 when she told her father about her recent conversion to Christianity. Her father beat her until she was unconscious, but the friend with her called the police who then moved Orrell into state custody. She was raised in foster homes until she ultimately decided to start using her story to help others trapped in the same situation.

Orrell views the events in her life as happening for a reason. “Although these terrible events throughout my entire life happened, God is bigger and his grace covers that and there is hope – because I didn’t have any hope before, and the hope that I have now is solely and only because of Christ,” Orrell said. “So that’s really what drives me so that I can give others that hope and share that hope with others. It’s the evidence that the Lord uses my story to help bring healing to others, and I’m able to walk through life with those other people who come to me after I speak,” she said.

Learn more at Jonathan Rainey’s Francis Marion University Patriot article: Sex trafficking survivor wakes up crowd.


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