Taking Aim at Human Trafficking in Missouri

In December, NightLight is set to begin programs targeting human trafficking and prostitution in Branson. This will be the non-profit organization’s fourth worldwide location, joining branches in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Bangkok, Thailand.

Mindy Stewart, who grew up in Branson, chose to begin this non-profit there because of five red flags that can lead human trafficking: poverty, single parent homes, former abuse, drug activity, and tourism. Stewart said, “It’s almost as if A and B equal C, every time, and we’ve seen that true all over the world.”

David Patrick of the Tri-Lakes Christian Church in Branson said, “The worst thing that we can do is put our head in the sand or try to ignore it, thinking it will go away, or that it doesn’t exist.”

Stewart and NightLight Branson plan to begin their programs with relationships. “Our heart is just to give them another choice, another option, and to be someone there to encourage them, and help them out of that process. Since the average age of someone going into the sex industry in the states is between 11 and 14, that’s the age group we’ll target.”

Learn more at Aaron Nolan’s Ozarks First article: Organization Takes Aim at Human Trafficking, Prostitution in Branson.


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