Victim Speaks Out

Chong Kim, a Texas woman who was a former sex slave, is speaking out to inform people of the growing problem. She lives every day as normal as she knows and loves life now, something that was almost taken away.

“I got trafficked,” said Kim.

She was an 18 year old freshman at DeVry University in Dallas. One night at a club she met, who she thought, was the man of her dreams. After a few weeks of dating, things changed on  an out of town road trip to Kim’s now-boyfriend’s parents’ house. Instead of driving to Florida as planned, she was taken to Oklahoma. She found out her ‘boyfriend’ was really a recruiter for traffickers from the Russian and Albanian mob.

“I was blind folded, I had a potato sack over my head, and I was bound by my wrists,” said Kim. She was thrown into the back of a truck and given instructions. “We are going to sell you as a Japanese girl that is 14 and doesn’t speak English. You pretend like you don’t speak English…I would hear the other girls going, (sniff), and I was like oh my gosh, there’s more than one.” She spent the next four years as a sex slave. Finally, she was able to escape.

She is now a mother and wife. But almost 15 years later, the scares remain. Her full-time job is telling her personal story, even though she fears the mob can retaliate. “If something does ever happen to me, at least people will know that it is out there, and people will start to pay attention,” said Kim. “I’m going to continue until I know the laws have changed for the better,” said Kim.

What you see is a survivor, and her story is one she hopes no one will ever forget.

The movie Eden is based on Chong Kim’s story.

Learn more at Rashi Vats’ KBTX News article: Victim Speaks Out Against Human Trafficking.


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