Authorities Go After Sex Traffickers

Las Vegas is one of the worst cities when it comes to human sex trafficking that authorities are trying to stop. Millions of visitors pack the Strip every year and criminals target local children, according to authorities. Some girls are 13 years old and offered up as prostitutes for visitors as well as locals looking for a good time.

Stacey Cramer, who heads up the Salvation Army’s Seeds of Hope Program, said the nightmare that is sex trafficking usually starts off with the promise of love for the victim. “There are songs, movies and books that are written on how to victimize these children,” Cramer said. “In terms of sex trafficking, it can be anyone, as there are a large majority of children that are being victimized right now.”

Deputy Chief Attorney General Michon Martin said it is going to stand with the community to fight the battle against human sex trafficking. “The way we win is collaboration and working together on the issue and not giving up until the fights are done,” Martin said. “Our victims are survivors and they don’t hear that at home, or they are in their teen years and something’s missing believing these perpetrators are their boyfriends.”

Authorities said they will go after those preying on children with prevention, prosecution and protection.

Learn more at Joe Bartels’ KLAS-TV article: Authorities Vow to Go After Sex Traffickers.


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