Faith Community Vital to Ending Human Trafficking

The Orlean Council and Children Slavery Task Force convened leaders from various organizations and faith communities to discuss the important role the faith community has in the fight to end child trafficking. This meeting brought together not only religious leaders but people of differing ideologies, life experiences, and careers. Yet, solidarity prevailed through one overarching message: nothing but a concerted global effort on the part of all stakeholders will defeat this atrocity called human trafficking and modern slavery. The panel emphasized the urgency for a “universal voice” in and from faith communities that are by definition predicated on a spiritual mandate to end suffering. Regardless of one’s religion, we can all recognize that slavery is a sacrilege that needs to be eradicated.

We must also learn to recognize victims of trafficking within our own communities. People of all faiths can play their part against human trafficking by looking for warning signs of potential abuse in their own communities. Indicators of a trafficked child include erratic behavior, poor health, a tense and depersonalized relationship with the adult accompanying them. We must alert local law enforcement if we see a potential victim in our own community.

People of diverse faiths, backgrounds, and ethnicities, cannot solve this problem from their own silos. They must now come together, in the unity and bond of peace, forsake their differences, and fight as one to end human trafficking and all forms of modern slavery in our world.

Learn more at Ana Steele’s Washington Post article: Conference shows how faith community is vital to ending human trafficking.

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