Traffick Jam

Marena Dieden writes: “I am a target for human traffickers. I am a 15-year-old girl. Recently, thoughts like these have been plaguing my brain because human trafficking is the fastest growing and second largest criminal industry in the world today, and California, where I live, leads the way. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego are in the top 13 worst cities in the nation for human trafficking. Prop 35 passing in California on November 6 was critical to confronting this epidemic.”

Dieden goes on to ask why a Sacramento federal judge is causing a traffick jam by issuing a stay on Prop 35 in support of the trafficker’s lawsuits, despite its having passed with an whelming 81 percent majority.

Prop 35 requires all people convicted of trafficking to register as a sex offender, and makes them provide their Internet screen names, identities and providers. This is valuable information for police as the Internet significantly contributes to the increase of trafficking. Anyone who violates serious federal and civil law as taking away a citizen’s right by enslaving them into the sex trade, forgoes liberties such as the civil rights that opponents to Prop 35 say it offends. A sex offender must be monitored to ensure the safety of U.S. citizens, and it is something they should have thought of before they made the horrific choices of their past.

Dieden urges us to wake up and see that this issue needs attention. She says, “Think about your children, siblings, nieces or wife. Imagine that they were one of the 200,000 people suffering in the trade right now in the U.S. Humanity must put a stop to this. Measures must be taken. Write to Sacramento, tell your friends and family, help those who have been stripped of their dignity in the sex trade, and make your life safer.”

Learn more at Marena Dieden’s Huffington Post article: Traffick Jam. [Marena Dieden is a high school student in Los Angeles]


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