South Jersey’s ‘Dining for Dignity’ Offers Breakfast with Human Trafficking Awareness

Kelly Master is a self-proclaimed, all-or-nothing kind of person. Anything she does, she does it with passion and enthusiasm. Along with her organization, Dining for Dignity, she’s using that passion to raise awareness about human trafficking.

She learned more and more stories about victims of trafficking, and how it was happening much closer to home than she ever imagined. She thought that she should do something to tell those tales to more people.

“We all know stuff like this is going on, but we just turn our heads” she said. “There’s a disconnect because people think that it’s something that happens in other countries.”

Dining for Dignity started as a monthly breakfast and gave Master a platform to share news and statistics about trafficking with her community.

Her ultimate goal is to open a shelter that will take in victims once they are rescued, and while she admits that goal might be too lofty at this point, she will keep fighting for it.

Right now, she will settle for spreading the word to as many people as possible.

Learn more at Alex Young’s article: South Jersey organization raises awareness about human trafficking.


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