Property Managers Can Help End Human Trafficking

Professionals in the Real Estate Industry have the ability to help uncover and end human trafficking. If there has any been illegal activity on a multifamily property, there’s a good chance that those involved may have been involved due to human trafficking.

Human trafficking can happen to anyone, of any gender, nationality, age, and can happen anywhere. Some red flags to look out for:

  • Too many people living in one apartment unit
  • Abnormal amount of traffic to and from an apartment unit
  • Locks on doors and windows to keep people in, instead of out
  • Closely supervised tenants (restricted in movement)
  • People who are always with others who must speak for them, but do not appear to know each other very well
  • People who do not have access to their own personal documents
  • People who are not allowed to drive themselves anywhere
  • People who are picked up every day in large vehicles and who return at the same time every night
  • People who show signs of abuse, malnourishment or fearfulness

Victims of trafficking are constantly being monitored by their traffickers, so if it appears as though someone else feels the need to stop the conversation you are having with a potential victim, it could be an indication that something is not right.  If you have any concerns or believe that human trafficking is occurring, you can reach out to the National Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-3737-888.

Detective Manny Reyes from the Fort Worth Police Department says that the length of time people are in and out of the apartment can be an indication of what may be taking place. A shorter stay (60-90 seconds) is more likely a drug deal, while a lot of men spending 15-45 minutes in the units may be cause for a closer look for sex trafficking.

This type of crime can be reduced if people in positions with responsibilities to their communities know what to look for, and make sure to follow up.

Learn more at Elizabeth Whited’s Realty Biz News article: How Property Managers and Multi-Family Employees Can Help Eliminate Human Trafficking.


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