Nebraska Task Force Gauges the Problem

An 18-member task force in Nebraska delivered a 60-page memo and training manual to the state Legislature, the first step toward figuring how many people are trafficked in Nebraska and what authorities have to do to stop it. In its report, the task force said human trafficking occurs primarily in prostitution, pornography, farming and the drug trade. Victims include foreigners but also U.S. citizens — many of them runaways whom traffickers scoop up off the street.

“Nothing can really happen unless we get law enforcement and the judicial system to change how they view the women,” State Senator Amanda McGill said. “We need law enforcement and the judicial system to learn how to connect with these women and make them feel safe.”

The first report is only the first step, McGill said. She said she plans to introduce legislation that would stiffen penalties on the johns who keep the illegal sex trade alive, and maybe outing them more publicly by plastering their faces on a website.

“The sex trade wouldn’t exist if they didn’t want to buy children and women,” McGill said.

Learn more at Jonathan Edwards’ Journal Star article: First step for human trafficking task force: Gauge the problem.


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