US Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

The US government is ramping up victim identification efforts, prosecuting more traffickers, providing services to survivors, and working to train law enforcement and justice officials around the world.

The State Department works with partner agencies to make sure people who travel to this country on non-immigrant visas are aware of their rights. It has also enhanced protections for immigrant victims who are resettled in their home countries. Partner agencies have established programs for unaccompanied alien children, implemented new family unification measures, and are incorporating trafficking offenses into the unified Crime Reporting Statistics.

When it comes to forced labor, the US is taking a hard look at the supply chains and labor sources behind the products we use every day. The US is helping develop codes of conduct and monitoring standards that will allow businesses to make the fight against slavery a part of their corporate policies. Leading by example, President Obama signed an executive order earlier this year that provides more extensive prohibitions and protections for United States government purchases to make sure American tax dollars are not being used to support human trafficking.

The White House National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security contains specific steps to prevent human trafficking of women and children as a result of conflict and to provide assistance to victims. The US annual Trafficking in Persons Report is the most comprehensive assessment of how well governments are doing to address this crime. The TIP Office’s foreign assistance grants are making a difference in 37 countries, supporting programs that provide crucial assistance to survivors and helping governments build their capacity to fight this crime. Resources and support are available to victims through the Department of Health and Human Services National Human Trafficking Resource Center. Online tools like the Slavery Footprint help people can understand the ways in which this crime affects them. The Anti-Trafficking Coordination Team, or ACT Team, an interagency collaboration among the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Labor, streamlines federal criminal investigations and prosecutes human trafficking offenses.

Learn more at Mina Fabulous’ News Blaze article: US Reveals Efforts to Combat Modern Day Slavery.


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