Wisconsin Attorney General Pledges Crack Down on Child Trafficking

The average age of a child first forced into the sex slave trade in the U.S. is 13, according to the state Department of Justice. And some children are just infants or toddlers when they are first exploited by sex traffickers.

“When I think of (this happening to) an infant or toddler, it is not just disgusting, it’s the worst form of torture I can imagine,” Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said. “It makes me angry.”

In the coming year, Van Hollen hopes to crack down on sex trafficking of children by hiring special agents and analysts to investigate these crimes and work with lawmakers to draft human trafficking-related legislation, and by holding more training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim and witness coordinators.

Van Hollen, who will become president of the National Association of Attorneys General next summer, will in the fall host a summit where he plans to highlight child trafficking and other topics.

Learn more at the LaCrosse Tribune article: Van Hollen pledges to make child trafficking No. 1 priority.


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