Gray Haven Project Helps Virginia Human Trafficking Victims

Josh and Andrea Bailey are the founders of The Gray Haven Project (TGHP), an organization which serves victims of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation in central Virginia.  TGHP has grown over the past year, and the Baileys have become inspirational leaders not only for their community but for a generation.

Josh and Andrea actively engage with younger audiences through social media and events, such as concert tours, in order to spread awareness about human trafficking.  They also engage with area businesses and organizations in order to raise awareness about human trafficking and to coordinate local, effective services for Virginia-based survivors.  Josh stated, “The philosophy of our model is based on a view that each survivor is different, has unique needs, and will need supportive services that are designed to address all levels of needs whether short-term, intermediate, or long-term.”

“We spend time exploring how [survivors] can accomplish their goals and how we can help them get there,” Andrea stated, “This looks different for each person- how they process their trauma and move forward. We are there to walk with them through this process as a guide and friend.” Upon graduating the program, each survivor has identified personal goals and a plan for education, employment, and other important aspects of life.

Josh stated, “The end of their time with us is just the beginning of a new chapter in their story.”

Learn more at Holly Austin Smith’s Washington Times article: The Gray Haven Project: Local nonprofit helps victims of human trafficking.


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