Do You Really Know What a “Pimp” Is?

Our society glamorizes pimps. When we use terms like “Pimp out my car,” “Pimp my cell phone,” or to describe fashion, like, “Those are some pimp shoes,” we are putting a positive connotation on that word. But do we really know what a “pimp” is?
Pimps do not value women but degrade them and view them as commodity; they abuse women both physically and sociologically for their own personal gain. Just think about that for two seconds.

Sex trafficking survivor Shamere McKenzie says, “The phrase, ‘Knowledge is power’ is so true. Had I known what pimps really are, I would not have been enslaved. Had I been known about this subculture that exists right here in the United States, I would not have been forced into a life where I was stripped of my basic human rights.”

McKenzie says that we need to dig deep down into our hearts and realize the problem that we are facing in America. Human trafficking is the second-largest growing crime industry in the world, and we must do something about it. We must live up to our moral obligations and work together to combat this issue that affects all of us. We need to look in the mirror and say, “Change starts with me!”

We need to unite and bring justice to the oppressed, harsher punishments for the perpetrators and a safer America for our children. We must be the change, break the cycle, defend basic human rights, and bring justice to our communities.

Learn more at Shamere McKenzie’s YWCA Blog article: Knowledge is Power: Modern Day Slavery in America.


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