Ad Campaign Targets Human Trafficking

Yasmin Christopher’s father was wealthy, earned a doctorate from the University of Washington and had ties that took him around the world. He also forced his wife and immigrant relatives into working from dawn to dusk at a 65-acre farm in Oakville, Grays Harbor County, Washington.

“My father was a trafficker, and my mother was a child bride,” Christopher, a Seattle University law student, said at a news conference to announce King County’s new campaign to raise awareness about human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

The campaign will include posting ads in six languages on 200 Metro buses. The ads are intended to reach potential victims as well as the general public. The ad campaign, which was donated, will be posted for free on county buses.

Victims, as well as people who suspect that someone is being victimized, are urged to call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline at 888-373-7888 to report a tip or to seek help.

“It might seem nosy,” Christopher said. … “But if you were right, you might allow somebody else to be up here speaking in a year or 10 years, or allow their children the same thing.”

Learn more at Christine Clarridge’s Seattle Times article: Ad campaign targets human trafficking, sex exploitation.


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