FBI Targets Trafficking

Human trafficking is a top investigative priority of the FBI’s civil rights program.

  • During fiscal year 2012, the FBI opened 306 human trafficking investigations around the nation involving forced labor or forced household service as well as sex trafficking of international victims (young and old) and adult U.S. citizen victims.
  • During fiscal year 2012, 363 investigations into the commercial sexploitation of domestic minors were opened. Fortunately, more than 500 young victims of sex traffickers were located.
  • Participated in 88 human trafficking task forces and working groups around the country
  • The FBI’s Office for Victim Assistance (OVA) – oversees the work of victim specialists located throughout 56 field offices – developed and implemented a victim-centered protocol for human trafficking investigations for use in all FBI field offices.
  • OVA oversaw interviewers who work with Crimes Against Children task forces and provide training for agents and task force officers working human trafficking cases. These interviewers also collaborated with partner agencies to develop an interview protocol for minor victims of sexploitation for use by professionals working against human trafficking.
  • The FBI conducted training and awareness for law enforcement, government employees, religious and civic organizations, ethnic advocacy groups, schools, social service agencies, medical personnel, legal aid agencies, domestic violence services, etc.—in short, anyone in a position to make a difference in the life of a trafficking victim.

The FBI is putting its tools and capabilities to work to help combat the scourge of human trafficking.

Learn more at the FBI News article: Human Trafficking Awareness: Targeting Traffickers, Helping Victims.


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