Ohio’s Efforts to Increase Human Trafficking Awareness

Ohio lawmakers are increasing efforts to curb human trafficking.

House Bill 262, passed in August 2011, increased penalties for human trafficking to put them on par with federal penalties. Ohio elevated human trafficking to a first-degree felony, which carries a minimum of 10 years in prison.

Shared Hope International (SHI), an organization that rates states based on human trafficking laws, raised Ohio’s rating for 2012. With the passage of House Bill 262, Ohio increased its ranking to “C”. It is one of nine states to receive a “C” rating. Ohio will now expunge the juvenile record of the victims of human trafficking that are minors once they have completed the judicial process — a great improvement in human trafficking legalities, according to SHI.

A “B” is the highest rating given by SHI and is held by three states — Louisiana, Florida and Georgia.

Ohio’s Trafficking in Person’s law still requires proof of force, fraud and coercion for minors. This is not a requirement for federal law and, according to SHI, will have to change for Ohio to increase its grade.

Learn more at Jake Grieco’s The News Record article: Human Trafficking Report Released.


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