Georgia Rotary It In It to End It

The members of Roswell Rotary have taken as their cause the effort to stop human trafficking in Atlanta, Georgia. “Rotary is in it to end it,” said Roswell past President Dave McCleary. “Thirteen is the average age of a prostitute and they have an average lifespan of seven years. These are our kids, our neighbors.”

At their weekly meeting January 31, a panel of experts was convened to discuss the human trafficking problem in Georgia. “Two miles from here, you can watch a football game, have a beer and then go and buy sex at the massage spa next door,” said attorney William Riley. “We have people being trafficked. People just don’t look.”

The panel advocated tougher laws on a city and county level, suggesting state action would not be likely.

“This isn’t a Republican or Democrat, black or white issue,” said McCleary. “We want to help our kids.”

Learn more at Jonathan Copsey’s North Fulton article: Roswell Rotary advocates trafficking laws.

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