Using Data To Fight Human Trafficking

sumall infographic

Data startup SumAll has established SumAll Foundation to collect, visualize, and present data to help nonprofit organizations tackle global issues.

SumAll Foundation’s first initiative was to collect data about the human trafficking and the global slave trade. “There is not a lot of information about this topic out there,” VP of analytics Korey  Lee said. “We thought it would be challenging, and we wanted to shed light on it. A lot of the data we found was locked up in PDF reports and long research papers that few people will read. We are making it available in a digestible fashion to bring transparency and efficiency to the non-profit sector.”

SumAll is taking a unique approach by interweaving its day-to-day workflow with efforts at international development.  “Everything we do to build the company also builds our foundation,” said Lee. “As we prosper, we can help nonprofits prosper. We hope other companies will model themselves after this and it will change the way people think in the corporate world. People care about these issues, but there is a lack of resources allocated to it.”

Learn more at Rebecca Grant’s Venture Beat article: Data startup takes on fight against human trafficking.


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