“Abolitionist Mamas” Refuse to Do Nothing

The Patheos Book Club is featuring an important new book, Refuse to Do Nothing: Finding Your Power to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery, by Shayne Moore and Kimberly McOwen Yim. In an interview with the authors, Shayne and Kim — also known as the “Abolitionist Mamas”— talked about the reality of modern-day slavery, how they got involved in this cause, and what we can all do to help end it.

The authors say, “… we did not write a hard-hitting investigative report on modern day slavery. We know who we are. We are not on the frontlines. We are moms. Our book is one of a kind because it is a primer or an accessible resource on how ANYONE, no matter what your circumstance, can fight slavery. Every single chapter ends with a tangible action item. We refused to write a book with no hope and no mobilizing. It was women who were the cement of the abolitionist movement 200 years ago. Many did not live to see the end of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, but they never gave up. This book is based on their spirit and their tenacity to fight this evil until it is abolished. We believe the ordinary person is essential in the re-abolishing of slavery. If do take our cues from the first abolitionist movement, we know there is hope as the legalizing of human flesh was abolished.”

Finding their Facebook page – Refuse To Do Nothing – and contributing thoughts, questions, articles, ideas, reaching out to one another….will help connect readers and listeners to other like-minded women involved.

Learn more and read the full interview at Deborah Arca’s Patheos Take & Read article: Abolitionist Mamas: A Q&A with Shayne Moore and Kim McOwen Yim.


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