Sex Trafficking is Real and It’s Growing

From Green Bay to Grand Chute, Milwaukee to Madison, police say the problem of human trafficking is real and it’s growing.

Nicole is a victim of sex trafficking. When asked what the life is really like, Nicole replied, “It’s disgraceful. It’s not glamorous. It destroys people’s hearts.”

Physically and sexually abused, at age 17 Nicole, ran away and ended up on the streets of Milwaukee. “I ended up being sold by a drug dealer who at the time I thought was helping me, wanted to give me a place where I would be comfortable and stable. He ended up selling me to a pimp who took me in and taught me what it was to what he wanted me to do,” – bring in $1,000 a day as a prostitute. “He would send us to Chicago on a bus every night. The night I didn’t come up with the money I decided I wasn’t going to go back because I knew I was going to get severely beat,” Nicole said. With no family to help her and with nowhere else to turn, Nicole stayed in Chicago where she soon met another man who also forced her into prostitution.

Sex trafficking is still growing. “We have a huge problem with it,” said Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. He wants to hire more agents to deal specifically with child sex trafficking. “We’re not talking about just 16 or 17-year-old girls,” Van Hollen said. “If the average age is 13, which is young enough in and of itself, that tells us that roughly half are under 13. We have infants and toddlers that are being trafficked for deviant, sexual purposes. That’s absolutely disgusting and if we can’t reduce that, who can?”

Nicole says by speaking out, she hopes to save others from a similar fate.”I’m still putting the pieces together of what happened to me and how it happened and how can I help stop this from happening to other people,” she said. “I feel it’s important that the public knows.”

Learn more at Robert Hornacek’s Fox 11 News article: On Special Assignment: Sex trafficking.


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