Has Anything Changed?

45 years ago Barbara Amaya was sold for sex. Nearly five decades later, very little has changed.

Pimps and traffickers continue to use children and young people as sex slaves, to the tune of $32 billion worldwide. Young people are being manipulated and exploited all around the world. Traffickers recruit many women into the United States to work in “spas,” which are really fronts for prostitution, while others are lured by the prospect of jobs that do not exist and then treated as modern day slaves, and still others sell their bodies to pay off insurmountable debts from complicated schemes created by pimps and traffickers.

If and when government leaders, parents, and strong-minded victims and survivors speak about this tragic situation maybe we can lessen and, better yet, eradicate this awful human activity. Only when the public is educated about the horrors of human trafficking or modern day slavery will the public’s beliefs, thoughts and policies begin to change. Only then will proper legislation to help end trafficking and strong Safe Harbor laws that help the victims be enacted.  The public, law enforcement and legislators must work together to change the way we view these women, and help them get out of their living nightmare.

Learn more at Barbara Amaya’s Washington Times article: Sex trafficking: Has anything changed in 45 years?


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