Better Data Collection Needed

According to the report Human Trafficking in the United States: Proposing Concrete Solutions to Better Data Collection by Suzanne Tomatore and Laura Matthews-Jolly, better data collection on human trafficking, particularly on labor trafficking, would help service providers allocate limited resources and help prevent trafficking in the future. Tomatore is the Director of the Immigrant Women & Children project (IWC) of the City Bar Justice Center and Matthews-Jolly is the Justice Center’s Equal Justice Works Fellow assigned to the IWC.

Their recommendations for better data collection include creating central registries on human trafficking in each state that use the federal definition of human trafficking as defined in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 for national consistency, providing comprehensive training on both sex and labor trafficking for government agencies and service providers, and passing more comprehensive human trafficking legislation. The federal government’s current practice of collecting data from prosecutors and law enforcement “does not produce an accurate picture because not all cases are reported to law enforcement, taken seriously, or prosecuted”; and although the National Human Trafficking Resource Center’s hotline tracks calls from any source, including tips from individuals, service providers, lawyers and others, “this database does not track actual services rendered, prosecutions, arrests, or convictions,” the white paper states.

Learn more at the City Justice Center News article: Human Trafficking in the U.S.: Concrete Solutions for Better Data Collection.


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