New York State and Businesses Partnering to End Human Trafficking

The New York State Department of Labor announced a new initiative to partner with businesses across New York State to identify, stop and prevent human trafficking, especially in the labor market. “Human trafficking is not only a global problem, it’s happening in our own backyard with many victims we may never know about,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo. “I encourage all businesses large and small to take part in this free training so we can fight this despicable practice.”

Beginning this spring, Department of Labor staff will partner with businesses and train their employees on understanding the relevant laws, identifying human trafficking, and guiding victims to available resources. This is the first time a state agency has partnered with businesses to fight human trafficking. “While most human trafficking victims are in service industry professions, upstanding businesses in any sector can be unknowingly caught up because of a contractor or the supply chains they’re using,” said Labor Commissioner Peter Rivera. “Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership the bottom line here is New York State government is watching, illegal practices will be stopped and violators will be prosecuted.”

Learn more at the Empire State News article: State Department of Labor Partnering with businesses to identify and stop human trafficking.


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