Winners of Campus Challenge

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and its partners announced the winners of its Counter-Trafficking in Persons (C-TIP) Campus Challenge Tech Contest– a global call to college students to develop creative technology solutions to help prevent human trafficking, rescue victims and provide assistance to survivors.

A group of three Virginia Tech students won a first place prize of $5,000 for their “Abolishop” concept – a web browser application that helps online shoppers make smart choices by alerting them to products that may have forced or exploited labor in their supply chains. The same group won an additional $2,500 prize for their concept of designing a trafficking hotline accessible through online instant messaging and mobile phones that could be used on Mxit, the largest social network in Africa.

Other second place prizes, of $2,500 each, included a concept from a Georgetown University student to build a “data ecosystem” for counter-trafficking organizations – a secure online network where they could share data with each other, such as geographic “hot spots” for human trafficking or number of known trafficking victims in specific countries. The network would encourage more collaboration and use of hard data among those working in the counter-trafficking movement. A full list of the winning submissions is posted at Challenge Slavery Winners.

Learn more at the USAID article: USAID Announces Winners of the Campus Challenge to Combat Human Trafficking.


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