Anti-Trafficking Bills Ready in Washington State

A pair of anti-trafficking bills unanimously passed by the Washington State House of Representatives and Senate would crack down on those who use the Internet to promote human trafficking and would help school personnel better recognize and prevent exploitation of minors.

Teachers would be trained to recognize when commercial sexual abuse and exploitation of minors could be happening. School employees would also be trained to report student physical abuse or sexual misconduct victimization. In addition, the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs would update existing educational materials available across the state to inform parents and other community members about how to prevent children from being recruited into sex trafficking/commercial sexual exploitation.

Another bill would impose an additional $5,000 fine on top of existing penalties in cases where an Internet advertisement is instrumental in facilitating commercial sexual abuse of a minor, promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor, or promoting travel for commercial sexual abuse of a minor. The $5,000 penalty would be dedicated to the state’s prostitution prevention and intervention account.

Learn more at Zachariah Bryan’s Ballard News-Tribune article: Life gets harder for sex traffickers as two bills pass State House.


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