New Human Trafficking Law in Kansas

A new law that is designed to strengthen efforts in Kansas to combat human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of young women has been signed by Governor Sam Brownback. “With this piece of legislation we are moving to the forefront of addressing this issue,” Gov. Brownback said.

The bill creates the felony crime of commercial sexual exploitation of a child, covering those ages 14 to 17, thereby, allowing for tougher penalties. It also establishes a fund, financed with fines and forfeiture of property from those convicted of the sex crimes, to pay for treatment and services for the victims of the crimes.

Most importantly, advocates say, the measure revolutionizes how the state talks about and views young children caught in the human sex trafficking trade. “We now recognize these children as victims. These are survivors of a crime that has been perpetrated against them,” said Dr. Karen Countryman-Roswurm, the Executive Director of Wichita State University’s Center for Combating Human Trafficking. “…  this bill makes a statement that we do not allow the trafficking of children in our state.”

Learn more at Jason Tarr’s KAKE TV News article: Kansas Human Trafficking Measure Signed Into Law.


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