Plea on Behalf of Immigrants

The Vatican representative to the United Nations in New York, Indian Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, addressing the Commission on Population and Development, asked that nations make a greater effort “strengthening bonds of friendship and brotherhood within the human family”, above all by helping immigrants integrate better.

Citing the current economic crisis that is affecting developed and developing economies, the Indian Archbishop said many of the millions of men women and children leave their country of origin because of “situations of unsustainable socioeconomic insecurity and poverty.”  Describing the current state of migration a “social phenomenon of epoch-making proportions”, the Vatican representative noted the need to “promote family reunification, integration of migrants, recognition of the qualifications of skilled migrant workers, new approaches to assist elderly migrants, cost reductions of sending remittances, as well as protection of female domestic workers and migrants in irregular situations, especially women and children vulnerable to sexual and labour exploitation, abuse and human trafficking.”

Learn more at Thomas C. Fox’s National Catholic Reporter article: Vatican UN delegate pleas on behalf of immigrants.


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