Iowa Wants Truckers to Help Stop Trafficking

The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement is partnering with the nonprofit group Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) to help try and stop human trafficking.

“One of the initiatives of our office is to reach out to the motor carrier industry and to provide materials that educate them on the aspects of human trafficking,” Motor Vehicle Division Chief, David Lorenzen says. “We have materials in all 11 of our state scale sites, we work with the highway division to put materials for drivers in the 40 state rest areas, and we’re also continuing to work with putting the materials in the truck stops across the state. This effort is something that we feel is important, we feel we can help play a part in it and do what we can to help curb this.”

He says enlisting the help of truck drivers is a good way to expand the reach of law officers. “The motor carrier industry are people who are out there every day, 24-seven, 365 days a year they see things where there’s not that much law enforcement out there. They can obviously give us a set of eyes that we don’t have,” according to Lorenzen.

You can find out more about TAT’s program, including a training video, at Truckers Against Trafficking.  The National Hotline number to call and report suspected human trafficking is 888-373-7888.

Learn more at Dar Danielson’s Radio Iowa article: Truckers encouraged to help stop human trafficking.


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