Cleveland’s Transit Authority Joins Human Trafficking Fight

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) board has voted to support the transportation sector’s role in dismantling modern day enslavement, a problem that authorities say is of global proportions. The transit agency made a commitment to raise awareness of the problem, train workers on how to spot it, and share data that can be used to uncover the crime. RTA police are already trained at spotting indicators of human trafficking, which can include people who don’t have identification, appear coached in talking to law enforcement or have been denied freedom of movement. Bus and train drivers will receive training soon. The transit agency will also post signs alerting riders to the problem.

RTA already offers harbor to troubled juveniles with its Safe Place program. All buses and trains have yellow-and-black, diamond-shaped Safe Place signs, which signal that juveniles can report problems to a driver. The driver calls a boss or transit police officer to meet the bus or train. They can take the juvenile to a shelter or have them meet a Safe Place volunteer.

The human trafficking campaign is the “next level” of outreach, RTA General Manager Joe Calabrese said.

Learn more at Tom Breckenridge’s article: Cleveland RTA supports global effort to end human trafficking.


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