University of North Carolina Graduate Teaches Nurses How to Target Sex Trafficking

The specter of human trafficking haunted Lindsay Larison until she had to do something about it. So Larison, who just received her nursing degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, embarked on an honors project in which she created an online education module that addresses how nurses can play a role in combating sex trafficking.

Her website, titled “Sex Trafficking and the Nursing Role: An Online Educational Module for Nurses,” is applicable for nursing educators, practicing nurses, and nursing students. According to Larison, nurses have a unique opportunity to connect with sex-trafficking victims in health-care settings. The keys, though, are understanding what signs to look for and knowing how to reach out, she adds.

“This teaching module will give nurses a firsthand look at sex trafficking in the United States, and put them in a position to make a real, positive intervention,” Larison says.

The module includes a PowerPoint presentation, lectures and slide shows, as well as quizzes and a simulation that nurse educators can use. “It’s an all-inclusive educational module,” she says, “and everything is downloadable straight from the website, so educators can take whichever part they want.”

Learn more at Jimmy Tomlin’s article: UNC graduate from Thomasville targets sex trafficking with honors project.

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