Two Companies Help Give Victims Better Lives

Their business partnership began on a bus ride in India more than 12 years ago. Stephanie Pollaro and Wendy Dailey, both from Orange County on a church mission, struck up a conversation about Pollaro’s plans to move overseas to help women and girls trapped in lives of prostitution. They kept in touch, and the women decided in 2007 to launch iSanctuary, an Irvine-based venture that sells jewelry and coasters made by victims of human trafficking. The nonprofit also provides employment to women and girls who have been rescued from slavery and prostitution in India. Shannon Keith also was moved to act after her own trip to India in 2005. Keith established the Costa Mesa-based International Princess Project, which runs Punjammies, an e-commerce site that sells pajamas made by women in India.

iSanctuary and International Princess Project are among local organizations that use small-scale manufacturing and retailing to cater to a growing consumer interest in cause-related products in the United States and abroad. For iSanctuary and the International Princess Project, raising consumer awareness about human trafficking can begin with a piece of jewelry or a pair of pants purchased online.

Learn more at Lisa Liddane’s Huffington Post article: iSanctuary, International Princess Project: Companies Help Better The Future For Prostitution Victims.


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