Live58 is Working Together to End Extreme Poverty

Live58 is a movement to end extreme poverty through authentic Christian living. Based on Isaiah 58, participants are invited to join in fasting, praying and giving to end extreme poverty.

In the past 30 years, extreme poverty has been cut in half. In 1981, 52 percent of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty (defined by the U.N. as living on less than $1.25 per day). But today, that number is less than 26 percent. Based on Isaiah 58, Live58 provides fun, engaging and practical ways for Christians to impact the world by ending extreme poverty by 2035.

To address the root causes of poverty, Live58 has created the 58: Alliance. This unprecedented alliance represents 10 of the world’s leading Christian poverty-fighting organizations invite you to join in supporting and sharing in projects in:

  • Child Development -Rescuing children from extreme poverty not only provides opportunity for the child but also releases a generation from the clutches of extreme poverty. Holistic child development involves restoring children from physical, spiritual, social and economic poverty.
  • Microenterprise -Small business make a big difference for families and communities struggling to escape poverty. Through microenterprise we can invest in their ideas and dreams for their communities.
  • Clean Water -Water, earth’s most precious resource, is at the heart of a daily crisis faced by a billion of the world’s most vulnerable people, a crisis that threatens life and destroys livelihoods on a devastating scale.
  • Disaster Relief -In the last decade the number of disasters and people adversely affected has nearly doubled. Hundreds of millions are affected each year as both man-made and natural disasters often devastate regions inhabited by the world’s most impoverished and vulnerable.
  • Food Security -The lack of a secure food source contributes to the death of several thousands of children each day. Help us in providing the poor with food—increasing their ability to earn a livelihood—and equipping families and communities to overcome malnutrition.
  • Aid + Policy -The policy decisions of governments around the world can either cause or reverse the injustice of extreme poverty. As followers of Jesus, we have the mandate, credibility and integrity to call on governments to end extreme poverty.
  • Justice & Human Rights -Millions of people are held as slaves, trafficked in brothels, unjustly held in jail, kicked out of their homes, and violently abused. Those living in poverty are especially vulnerable to exploitation, and these injustices perpetuate the cycle of extreme poverty. Help bring justice and freedom!
  • Sustainable Agriculture -With 925 million people living in a state of malnutrition and hunger, sustainable agriculture provides a way for the suffering to cultivate nutritious food to eat and sell for income—not only for this generation but for the ones to come.
  • Environmental Stewardship -Most of the world’s hungry people are subsistence farmers, completely dependent on their environment for survival. While tree-planting restores productivity to land devastated by deforestation, communities also need to learn to take care of their environment.
  • Community Development -Christian community development is a grassroots way of working within poor communities to build them up by channeling their God-given knowledge and experience into collective action to achieve their desired goals and reduce extreme poverty.

Join the Live58 Movement.


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