It Happens to Boys, Too

While there has been some increased awareness about sexually exploited boys in the U.S. over the past several years, most law enforcement and services providers often miss them entirely or view them as too few to be counted or not in need of services.

In order to examine why commercial sexual exploitation of boys (CSEB) receives much less attention and to question the widespread popular assumptions that they are willing participants or even exploiters and not victims, ECPAT-USA has carried out a study to examine available information about CSEB, their participation in commercial sexual exploitation of children, and services available to them. Several clear findings and messages stood out. Most significantly, responses from service providers clearly indicate that the scope of CSEB is vastly under reported, that commercial sexual exploitation poses very significant risks to their health and their lives; that gay and transgenders are over-represented as a proportion of the sexually exploited boys; and that there is a shortage of services for these boys.

Based on the research and responses from service providers, ECPAT-USA proposes a number of recommendations. Two immediate needs are clear: first, to raise awareness about the scope of commercial sexual exploitation of boys and second, to expand research about which boys are vulnerable to sexual exploitation and how to meet their needs.
The findings are found at: And Boys Too.

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