Nevada Governor Signs Anti-Sex Trafficking Bill

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval etched the definition of sex trafficking into Nevada’s law books in an effort to curtail the criminal activity that had been difficult to prosecute effectively before. The bills AB67 and AB311 were the second and third pieces of anti-trafficking legislation to be signed into law this year.

AB67 defines sex trafficking, stiffens criminal penalties, provides tools for victims and law enforcement officers and includes customers of trafficked persons in the same criminal class as the traffickers in some cases. AB311 creates a contingency fund for victims of human trafficking. The account will be within the state general fund, but all the revenue will come from grants and donations. The interim finance committee is slated to oversee the distribution and use of funds from that account to eligible entities working with trafficking victims. Unallocated money at the end of the year stays in the account rather than reverting to the general fund.

Future efforts will focus on victims’ services, education on the problem and raising public awareness.

Learn more at Matt Woolbright’s San Francisco Chronicle article: Governor signs major anti-sex trafficking bill.


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