Operation Losing Proposition

New York City’s Operation Losing Proposition targets those who pay for sex, typically in areas where the department has received complaints about street prostitution. The operations were conducted in all five boroughs. “The department is focusing on the demand side of the equation. The exploitation of women is not a victimless crime,” Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said.

In conjunction with the expansion of “Losing Proposition” enforcement, Commissioner Kelly also established a Human Trafficking Squad within the Vice Division of the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau to identify and arrest individuals engaged in the wholesale trafficking of human beings for the purpose of prostitution. The most recent “Losing Proposition” initiative, held from May 30th through June 1st, was conducted in 28 precincts and resulted in 156 arrests for patronizing a prostitute.

Under New York’s law enacted in 2012, customers who pay adult prostitutes for sex face up to one year in jail; promoters of prostitution, or pimps, face up to 25 years.

Learn more at the Brooklyn News Corp article: NYPD Operation Losing Proposition Leads to Numerous Arrests and Seized Vehicles.


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