Pittsburgh Organization Helps Human Trafficking Victims

Laura Kacy started the human rights organization Justice Partners Association six months ago when her life “just became a burden.” “The disparity of my comfortable life versus what other people don’t have became so apparent,” said Mrs. Kacy, 55, of Sarver.

The group, affiliated with Riverside Community Church of Oakmont, meets every Saturday at Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills in Frazer to discuss how to help victims of human trafficking locally, in the state and in the United States.

Many residents don’t believe there is human trafficking in the area. “We need to make a major shift in the way we look at prostitutes and how they end up that way, instead of just judging them,” said Crystal Sobotor 33. She is among Justice Partners Association members from three churches who try to help the victims.

Justice Partners will sponsor a purse sale from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 22 to help raise awareness about human trafficking. The sale will take place at 540 Pittsburgh St. in Springdale Borough. Money raised will go to Change Purse Ministry, a faith-based organization with an office in central Pennsylvania that supports safe houses across the country for victims of human trafficking.

“These people need food and shelter,” Mrs. Kacy said. When asked if human trafficking could be fought locally, she said: “Absolutely. Fighting does not mean that it’s going to be eradicated by what I do, but if we all start to just do what we can do, people will start to become aware.”

Learn more at Nicolas Dubois’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article: Fundraiser will benefit organization that helps victims of human trafficking.


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