Support Strengthening the Child Welfare Response to Trafficking Act

Why your lawmaker should support H.R. 1732:

  1. A 2007 study conducted in New York State shows that more than 85% of identified commercially sexually exploited children in New York State had prior child welfare involvement. Full report available at: New York Prevalence Study of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children.
  2. Asking the Department of Health and Human Services to publish enhanced guidance in this area will work to ensure more uniform and cost-effective implementation at the state level.
  3. This legislation is low-cost because it focuses on the utilization of existing resources and reporting frameworks.
  4. The information identified by this reporting requirement will help child welfare officials better meet their child protection goals by encouraging better identification of trafficked children, and greater understanding of their specialized support and services needs, as well as earlier identification of cases and thus greater prevention of future abuse.
  5. This bill was introduced with bipartisan support, sponsored by Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) and co-sponsored by Representatives Tom Marino (R-PA), the late Donald Payne (D-NJ), and Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX).

Take Action by writing your Representative to Congress at Polaris Project: USA: Support the Strengthening the Child Welfare Response to Trafficking Act (H.R. 1732).


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