Hope House Offers Restoration to Human Trafficking Victims

Louisiana is among the top 10 worst states in the country for human trafficking. Yet there has not been a place of refuge for these victims, until now. Hope House is the first shelter for victims of human trafficking in Louisiana.

“You know, if you think of a commodity that’s designed for a specific purpose, that’s what these girls are,” said Chuck Robb, the executive director of Hope House. “They’re dehumanized, and so when they come in there is a humanization of them again, giving them choices they’ve not had. There’s a reprogramming to give them a hope and help them understand that they do have a future.”

Hope House of Louisiana will be a long-term housing shelter that will provide victims, 18 and older, with anything they need to heal. Many of them suffering from years of repeated abuse both physically, and emotionally. “These girls have been abused and in circumstances we could never imagine, the worst nightmare we probably can even think of,” said the Founder of Hope House and Trafficking Hope, Laura Domingue. “These girls will have a comprehensive curriculum to get these girls renewed, restored and go back into society as productive individuals. That’s our goal.”

Hope House is a project of Trafficking Hope, which is a Louisiana based anti-trafficking organization with the purpose to educate and create awareness. They are hoping to open the shelter as soon as possible.

Learn more at Erin Steuber’s KATC News article: Refuge for Victims of Human Trafficking Opening in Louisiana.

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