31 Days of Prayer for Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking – Day 7

Day 7: A Prayer Over the Details of Aftercare
“No detail should be overlooked in bringing a survivor to a place of complete freedom, one that includes a bright future.” – Stacia Freeman 

Dear Omniscient Father, 

You know all things, big and small. You know my very thoughts. Before a word is on my tongue, you know it completely. (Ps. 139:2,4) Even the hairs on my head are numbered. (Matt. 10:30) It is clear that you are attentive to the details in our lives. Today, I am taking a moment to pray for the details of healing and restoration taking place in the Abolition International Shelter Association (A.I.S.A.)  shelters around the world, because I know you care. I pray:
  • For the first responders, governing authorities, undercover agents, nonprofit organizations and individuals involved in the rescue of women and children from trafficking.
  • For a safe and smooth transition from bondage to shelter.
  • For the counselors, house parents, and staff members working directly with survivors. Give them wisdom, strength, and grace for the responsibility to which they have been called.
  • For continued financial provisions needed to sustain each shelter including utilities, food, clothing, medical aid, staff and staff training, and every other detail you bring to my mind in this moment.
  • For the specialized counseling models being implemented for victims of repeated trauma. Please supernaturally move in those therapy sessions in order that true healing will take place in each heart.
  • For faith to be kindled in each survivor and for hope to be revived in their lives. I pray that you will help them dream again.
  • For job and career training provided to survivors and for their reintegration process as they look forward to a bright future. 

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Source: Abolition International


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